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It’s much easier to lay out your expectations of staff from day one rather than trying to change bad habits down the road. Understanding how to define what you expect from your team will enable you to run a smooth, communicative and productive office.

Importantly, before reading the tips below, bear in mind that you can’t expect others to do something that you don’t do yourself.

#1. Honesty is the best policy

In many CVs people will list their admirable qualities like ‘reliable’ or ‘good leadership skills’ but they often forget how important it is to be honest.

When you have deadlines to be met it’s crucial that your team will meet them. It might be your job to set the time-frame but you need to make sure it’s both realistic and that your employees are truthful about whether they have the capability to complete tasks on time. This is an example of the necessity for honesty from new hires.

#2. Look for answers instead of complaining about problems

No matter how organised and well run your business is, you’re bound to run into problems along the way. You need your staff to understand that this is normal in any job but that you expect people to explain issues that come up and also to suggest solutions. There is no place for whingers in an office.

In order to expect your staff to provide solutions, you must be willing to listen to them and your staff need to know this.

#3. The importance of the 5 P’s

If you have ever been to a business conference, you will probably have heard of the 5 P’s: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

You must teach your staff that they need to plan their work.  By allocating a regular time in the week to discuss the progress of activities and tasks, and whilst sometimes you may have to step in to help staff members resolve tricky issues, you encourage colleagues to be independent.

#4. Working together

Here’s another common CV phrase: ‘I am able to work well in a team or individually’. It might be wise to ask for examples during the interview and not assume this is a natural ability.

It’s also good to praise employees when they have worked well in a team environment. The motivation will encourage people to work harder.

#5. Look for someone who is one step ahead

While you don’t want to advertise for a clairvoyant, it’s smart to have people on your team who have perception and intuition. It will benefit you to have someone who knows what is required without you having to ask for it. The type of people who can put aside their needs to focus on yours will not only help you look more proficient but also improve the running of your company.

These are a few ideas to put into action that will encourage your staff to work well together to achieve maximum output. Whatever ideas you decide to put into place, remember the overriding importance of setting an example and meeting your own expectations.


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