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▷ With 20+ years’ expertise, we truly understand your employment market
▷ We enjoy a 96% quality of hire success rate, minimising the risk of replacement costs
▷ Candidates are screened to ensure they are of the highest quality and the best match
▷ We only submit candidates who suit your brief, saving you time
▷ More choice: Access the best of today’s talent from around the globe
▷ Passive candidates: ensure your openings are seen by candidates on and off the market
▷ We’ll act quickly if your vacancy is urgent

Established in 1998, Hamilton Recruitment is a recognised leader in recruiting qualified Finance professionals to work in the world’s leading international financial centres.

On a rolling 5-year basis, Hamilton Recruitment enjoys a 96% success rate when it comes to candidates staying on beyond their first year of hire.

We provide a personalised and highly professional service by matching your recruitment requirements with the best candidates available. We recruit successfully for a large variety of global organisations including Banks, Hedge Funds, Re/Insurance companies, Magic Circle law firms, specialist Insolvency Practitioners, Technology players and the Big Four consulting firms.

Choose from 3 recruitment strategies

1. Retained – We partner with you to conduct a dedicated search to find the very best person for your opening and operate on an exclusive basis. The campaign is extensive and a recommended shortlist is presented so interviews can commence. We are remunerated for services provided rather than for any placement, with payment staged from agreed engagement through to shortlist presentation and candidate acceptance. This recruitment option includes reconnaissance of passive talent and is popular with clients who appreciate the commitment and benefits of a tier-one service and/or have senior or hard-to-fill positions.

2. Exclusive – We work on the role exclusively for an agreed period of time and get paid subject to a successful placement. There are definite benefits in working this way over contingent recruitment (see guide below): because we have more time to do the exercise more thoroughly, you enjoy a better quality of hire.

3. Contingent – We operate on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. The limitation here is that we are under pressure to deliver extremely fast results since we’re in direct competition with other agencies, business partners, your internal HR department, jobs boards etc. Whilst we always do our best, we don’t have the luxury of investing maximum unpaid time on contingent assignments, given that we may or may not get credit for making the final placement.

In deciding which to choose, bear in mind that our scope to help you will be a reflection of your choice of recruitment strategy as this influences the extent to which we are able to dedicate our specialist resources to satisfy your needs. For this reason, clients increasingly prefer to partner with us on retained searches. If you’re not sure which is best, we’re more than happy to explain options further.

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