Project Description

It’s been a long road. You slaved your way through university and passed your exams. You have finished your training contract. You are sure to be heading for a promotion. You’ve done it, right?

Let’s start by saying that up to hear, you have achieved a lot and you deserve to celebrate and take a moment to marvel at how far you have come. But let’s keep this moment short. Too much time marvelling at accomplishing the first steps will leave you lagging behind your colleagues.

Reasons why Continuing Professional Development  is crucial

It is necessary to continue your professional development (CPD) because it allows you to remain competent and excel in your career. One’s career isn’t developed once they sign a contract. Well-planned professional development safeguards the public, your employer, and your career!

Below are 8 specific benefits:

  1. CPD ensures that you continue to expand your knowledge, skills, and expertise so that you can provide a professional service
  2. CPD ensures that your abilities remain at the same pace with current standards
  3. CPD makes you conscious of trends that come and go in your field, which is probably faster now than ever before
  4. Without CPD, your knowledge and skills aren’t updated, and you end up being left behind
  5. CPD allows you to provide insightful contributions to your team and helps the whole team achieve its goals. Essentially, you are more effective at your job
  6. If you are more effective and more valuable, your career progresses into leadership, management, or other positions with influence
  7. We learn a great deal from experience, but it doesn’t help us to learn new ways of doing things. CPD encourages you to try new opportunities
  8. CPD means you gain ground in the body of knowledge and specialization in the profession

Never under-estimate the importance of continuing professional development. It is a long-term career obligation and after all the effort you have made to get where you are today, you owe it to yourself to keep advancing.