Project Description

Hamilton Recruitment is a leading specialist in Financial Services & Legal recruitment. Since being founded in 1998, we have gained a solid reputation as a boutique search and selection agency helping professionals find international career opportunities.

Due to our years of experience, finding the perfect overseas job with Hamilton Recruitment is far more probable.

Our aim is to create long-term relationships with our candidates. We want to assist you with every step of your journey from the moment you arrive in Asia or Australasia.

It’s not just your career that is turning a new leaf. Moving to a new country is a huge change in your personal life too. There may well be visas, documentation, new homes to find, just to name a few. Hamilton Recruitment will be with you keeping you informed of the best choices to aid in the transition. Our advice is developed to support you in every way, whether that’s in Australia, Singapore or Hong Kong.

Here’s the support you will receive from our process:

  • An honest assessment of your career options – checking to see if you are a good candidate for career opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region
  • A résumé analysis – polishing up your résumé for maximum appeal, ensuring it is in the correct format for particular countries
  • Matching for suitable positions- there’s little point in applying for hundreds of jobs when half of them don’t match your criteria or qualifications. We prefer to save your time by seeking positions that have a higher probability of acceptance
  • Communications coordination – once shortlisted for interviews, we’ll help with the best methods to carry out the interview; telephone, video conference, in-person interviews
  • Advice on today’s best interview practices – as well as evaluation criteria that companies may have
  • A complete review of your job offer – after you’ve completed your interviews and you have a job offer (or offers), we’ll work together so that you are clear of the conditions and expat benefits that you are being offered
  • Post-acceptance hints and tips – to make your move abroad as smooth as possible, we will guide you on the next steps, specifically work permits

For us, a specialized recruitment agency isn’t just about finding job placements for candidates. We love to hear from our candidates once they are all settled in and we look forward to helping if you have any follow-up questions.

If you are a lawyer or chartered accountant and keen to find career opportunities in Australasia, visit our jobs portal to find a complete list of our latest career opportunities.