Project Description

If you have had any notable experience interviewing, you will probably have heard plenty of cringe-worthy questions and even some humorous ones. These 5 questions below are what great candidates ask in an interview…

1. What are you expecting me to accomplish within the first 3 to 4 months?

This question shows great motivation to get started straight away rather than settle for a lengthy induction period. These candidates are looking at how they can make a difference while others assume it’s time to get to know the ropes.

2. What qualities do you look for in top performers?

Not every firm look for the same attributes in employees. Often these qualities will depend on the line of work. Some employees will look for creativity while others value business development. Outstanding customer service skills is a common requirement for those who want to be considered as one of the best.

Great candidates want to know what employers see as a top performer so that they know they will fit in and what they can do to become a long-term employee who will excel.

3. What are the main things that drive results for the company forward?

Each activity within a job or role will generate different levels of income for the firm. HR may not have a direct impact on the profits generated, but they do need to hire the best candidates who will drive profits forward. An auditor might need to carry out the client’s year-end audit, but a good employee will find ways to provide additional services to increase the income generated from this client.

An amazing candidate appreciates that they need to bring in a positive return on their salary, it’s the essence of business!

4. How do employees spend their free time?

An outstanding candidate will want to get on well with their co-workers as they know it will improve the overall happiness of their work. Culture fit is becoming more and more important to candidates and having things in common with employees will help them fit in.

It might not be an easy question to answer if this it is a large firm and so answers tend to be general. If you are in one of the coastal cities of Australia, it will probably be related to beach activities. If you are in one of the fast-paced cities of Asia, it might be more about the social life.

5. How do you plan to handle…?

It’s like the tables have turned and the candidate is asking the questions, but great candidates want to know how firms plan to deal with the many challenges of the future, whether that’s changing laws to combat global warming, the latest technology, or new trends that arise in their field.

Candidates that stand out from the rest want to be part of the solution to these future challenges and make sure the firm will allow for them to continue their personal and professional development, which in turn, will benefit the business.

If you want to ensure employers see you as a truly amazing candidate, make sure you are asking these great questions!